Full coverage packages start at $3,000

Elopement and small wedding coverage (25 guests or less) starts at $1,000

Custom quotes and payment plans are available upon request!


How many photos will I recieve? 

Typically, I will take 50-100 photos per hour during a wedding. Once I cull the unusable images, I deliver 600-800 finished images for an 8 hour wedding day. I cannot guarantee an exact amount due to the many factors that play into that number (total hours, what is happening within those hours, environment, etc).


How soon will we get our photos? 

I guarantee final images will be delivered 8 weeks from wedding date, but I also send out a few preview photos in the first week.

Because waiting is hard.


Can I bring props?

I like to think less is more. Photographs that focus on connection, beauty and meaning are more valuable then those that focus on objects. If those objects add to connection, beauty and meaning, then sure! If not, then let's skip them.


What should we wear? 

Generally for outfits I recommend "similar" but not "matching". Try to coordinate colors instead of wearing the same color; i.e. blue and gray, instead of both blue or both gray. Try to avoid lots of white, bright colors and bold patterns - they don't usually end up looking great in photos. (My favorites are neutrals, or pastel colors!)