Janet & Dan's Engagement - Sunrise at Alum Creek


There are some people you meet in life, and you inherently just want them to be happy. Almost as if seeing them happy is the equivalent of you yourself being happy because they just radiate it and you can't help but get caught up in it and end up smiling like an idiot. 

I've always felt that way about Dan & Janet.

They share a sort of bond that best friends do, mixed with love and fun and an endearing playfulness that just makes you want to be around them. 

Their sunrise engagement session on at Alum Creek was nothing short of magical. As they chased seagulls and danced and laughed as the sun rose above the water, I think we all got that happy goofy feeling I talked about earlier. Or maybe we were all sleep deprived. Who knows. :)





And this happened.


A lot. 

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