Team Jenn and Jeff - Newark Skylight Wedding

Can I get sappy for a minute? Is that... allowed? 

Okay, well. Let's start when I first met Jenn. She was my small group leader with a confident personality and an even more confident laugh. She and I quickly became friends over laughing at most of life. In fact, almost all of my memories of Jenn are of laughing at something

The one memory I have of not laughing was when Jenn helped me understand what ADD was (something I have struggled all of my life with, not knowing at ALL what the heck was wrong with me). She is a teacher for kiddos struggling with those types of issues, and right away she helped me feel understood, normal, not alone.

I can distinctly remember thinking on multiple occasions "How the heck is the gorgeous, kind and hilarious girl SINGLE?!". 

Fast forward a couple years, Jenn is engaged to Jeff.

I get invited to photograph Jenn & Jeff's wedding. Not only was I excited to shoot such a beautiful wedding, but I felt i was able to give a little bit back to a gal who had helped me so much. Even if she didn't realize it. (Now you know, Jenn!) 

For the first time in awhile, I get to see Jenn laugh and hear Jenn laugh, but this time it was different. She wasn't just laughing at something, but she was laughing from something; a place of joy. Yeah, I know. That is so, so cheesy. But, it's true. And it made me so happy to see these two laugh as one, and I know whatever they face in life, they'll be able to laugh through it together. #TeamJennAndJeff ❤️



"Let me get a good look at you!" 

With most clients, I try to get them out for a few sunset moments. But sometimes, sunsets don't happen because of clouds and snow/rain/typicaly ohio. During those times, I resort to taking nighttime photos, and I'm not sad about it. 

Loved taking photos of this lovely wedding at the Newark Skylight!

Caroline Lohrey

Wedding Photographer based in Columbus Ohio