Romance in the Kitchen - Renee + Ryan Engagement

(I'll try not to make too many cooking puns in this post, but apologies ahead of time.)

Ryan is a chef, and Renee is a nurse who truly appreciates delicious food. When they first told me about their idea for reenacting their first date and making Cavatelli, I knew it was a recipe for amazing photos... ;) 

Beyond their obvious romantic chemistry, these two have an amazing friendship and it was so much fun hanging out and capturing a piece of their love story.  Plus, the kitchen smelled AMAZING. On a side note, you might want to eat before looking at these photos because they'll make your mouth water and make you crave pasta ASAP. Their October wedding can't come soon enough! 

In-home sessions aren't complete without some couch snuggling, amirite? ;)

Or some... patio snuggling?

Okay, back to cooking. 

Caroline Lohrey

Wedding Photographer based in Columbus Ohio