You Had Me At Girvin - Camp Mary Orton Wedding

From the moment I first met Alex and Kelly, I was blown away by how intentionally they treated others with love and kindness. They are the kind of genuine people that you hope to have as friend, and I was lucky enough to have such an intimate look into their relationship on their wedding day. One thing that stuck with me from our first meeting is when I asked Alex how he knew Kelly was the one, he said "She is the kindest person I have ever met. I actually challenge you, seriously, to find someone sweeter than her." I cannot wait to see the adventures that life will bring these two. 

Immediately following the ceremony, the entire bridal party gave Alex + Kelly a group hug and I think it was the best thing ever. 

Aaaaaand then, the dancing begins. 

Right before the sun sets, I stole them away to get a few more romantic photos as we caught the last ray of sunlight. This time was so peaceful, and always my favorite. 

Aaaaaaand then, (yep, you guessed it) more dancing! 

Caroline Lohrey

Wedding Photographer based in Columbus Ohio