Wedding Packaging

I believe in intentional simplicity, and so naturally I wanted to make sure that when I deliver a package to my clients, every detail is carefully thought out, planned and purposefully put together. I started piecing together my wedding packages last year, working hard to find each item.


First off, each box is hand-stamped with these beautiful wooden stamps that I got from Stamps & Sons . (It's unbelievably difficult to find a website that offers stamps with a quick, one step process).

Now I stamp literally everything. Everything. 

I fill the boxes with this crimped-paper-stuff. It's from Target, and it's the best. 

All of my clients receive a digital album, but I also like to provide a way to store the files. For this I bought walnut USB drives from Etsy. I am a sucker for dark wood, but these little guys are especially beautiful.   

These guys go perfectly tucked inside black burlap satchels from Kraft & Jute


Finally I put in a card, and a few custom gifts that I pick out for each couple I work with. 




Caroline Lohrey

Native Light Photography, Columbus OH

Wedding Photographer based in Columbus Ohio