Why 'Picture Perfect' Isn't Perfect

Often when I present the idea of photographing family in the home, people are a bit surprised. After all, who wants to worry about making their house presentable enough for a photoshoot, amirite? 

If you're like most people, when you think about your home, you think about the real life moments that unfold there. You think about the work it takes to maintain. 

Let's be honest... Real life is messy. Real life is chaotic. Real life is hard to keep up with.

But, real life is also beautiful. Real life is finding the joy in the everyday moments that all too often are lost in the busyness of schedules and work and dinner. 

The living room that never seems to stay tidy is also a sanctuary for gathering, snuggling, movie nights and family talks. The dining room that somehow somehow always has crumbs on the floor is a safe space for talking about how your day was, helping with homework and color page on coloring page. 

Instead of focusing on the busy, think about the loved ones that fill the space of home and create memories there. 

When we learn to embrace real moments, we realize that "picture perfect" isn't actually perfect; it lacks depth, character and the memories we hold dear. 

These are the real life moments that seem so much sweeter in hindsight, and I believe strongly that they deserve preserving. This is my mission when I photograph families, and this is why photographing in the home is so rewarding.

Hiring a professional photographer who sees the beauty in these moments, and has the skill to capture them, can create meaningful images that you will be so thankful for in the years to come. 

If you're interested in preserving these sweet moments, please contact me to set up a session for your family! 

Caroline Lohrey

Wedding Photographer based in Columbus Ohio