Kadi + Brian - Adventure in the woods Engagement

When Kadi contacted me a about photographing her wedding next year I was excited.

Then I learned they are having an intimate ceremony on a river bank. I was stoked.

Then I learned their dog's are going to be there. I died.

Okay, not really but almost. These two have a love for the simple things in life, such as spending time together outdoors, and we picked one of their favorite spots for their engagement photos. I loved watching them interact; they naturally snuggle and laugh with each other in the most adorable way that makes having your photo taken seem effortless. 

As I got to know them more throughout the session, I learned that Brian searched for TWO YEARS to find Kadi the perfect ring. Yes. TWO. YEARS. Apparently, it's not easy to find vintage gold and pearl rings, so he searched every antique store they came across until they finally found the right one. That, is true love. 

Caroline Lohrey

Wedding Photographer based in Columbus Ohio