A little aboue me: When I'm not photographing people or watching The Office, I like to take my pup Lewis on walks with my boyfriend Tyler. I'm a very extroverted person who enjoys laughing loudly and making Others smile (which usually means INAPPROPRIATE jokes or meme refernecces). 

I created what is now Native Light Photography back in 2010 when my friend asked me to photograph her wedding. I was a kid who had absolutely no idea what I was doing, but I quickly became obsessed with capturing love stories.

Since then, I've studied a lot of camera technicalities, learned how to file my own taxes, meet new clients, and other important adult things you need to run a business and make a living. It's been hard work, but it allows me to capture love in a way that I feel most expresses genuine emotion, and tells stories in the most authentic way possible. 


Oh, this is me hanging with some couples I've photographed! 


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